5 Perfect Google Pixel 4 Accessories

5 Perfect Google Pixel 4 Accessories_1

Here is the list of what ALOGIC has to offer from their accessories which can be best suited for the Google Pixel Smartphone.

1. ALOGIC USB 3.1 USB-C to USB-C: Prime Series

The ALOGIC USB 3.1 USB-C to USB-C provides an amazing transfer speed of 10 Gigabits/sec, it can be used to charge range of devices from laptop, tablets and phones. Connect your Pixel smartphone to this single cable connection, and enjoy transferring any 4K videos to display units and monitors at a greater speed.

This ALOGIC USB Cable comes with Nylon braiding and a precision laser welding, which provides an extra coating for the cable to withstand any pulling, stretching or yanking that it is subjected to.It's available in colours like Silver, Black and Space Grey, it also comes with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years.

2. ALOGIC USB-C (Male) to DisplayPort (Male) Cable – Ultra Series – 4K 60Hz (both 1m & 2m)

Want to view data or watch movies on a much larger screen with a 4K resolution?
Now connect your Pixel Smartphone with your laptop, TV or large screen devices with the ALOGIC Ultra USB-C to DisplayPort Cable. It provides an output of 3840 x 2160, 4K at 60Hz.

The advantage of this USB-C to DisplayPort cable is that, there would be no need to connect any additional cables or would not require installation of driver or a software. The Display port cable comes with a display port housing release unit, this small switch like structure makes sure that the cable is connected and is properly locked with your display device. Also, it has a smart LED installed to show when the cable is connected and is ready to use.

3. ALOGIC Wireless Charging Pad (10W) – Prime Series

Ease the efforts of carrying multiple wires for charging your Smartphone and follow a new style statement.
The stylish ALOGIC Wireless Charging Pad can be adapted to Qi-enabled devices, which makes it a great choice as a charging device for your Google Pixel. It is available in three trendy colours: Space Grey, Silver and Champagne gold.

It’s Aluminium construction along with the fabric design on its top gives it a very elegant look, making it stand out from the other Wireless charging devices. The best feature being, the charging pad is capable of fast charging the device while additionally avoiding interference with other devices or causing them to overheat.

4. ALOGIC 2 Port USB-C Car Charger 5V/3A+2.4A – Prime Series

Why not use the time when you are driving, to gear up and charge your phone as well.
Here’s introducing the ALOGIC 2 port USB-C Charger which helps charge two devices simultaneously?
The car charger is equipped with latest reversible USB-C port with 2.4A and 3A output, wherein the 3A port provides rapid charging. The smart charge technology enabled within the car charger keeps your Smartphone safe while maintaining the maximum charge rate.

5. USB-C 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank Ultimate – with Fast Charging

The ALOGIC USB-C 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank Ultimate is one of the most powerful portable devices available in the market. The 10W wireless charger is designed for all the Qi-enabled devices, USB-C port is capable of fast charging up to 15W and the two USB-A ports comes with 12W output to charge your phones, tablets or smartwatch. You can charge your Google Pixel Smartphone along with additionally charging other two devices.

ALOGIC promises a superior quality and is a brand to trust, pick up your favourites from the above mentioned accessories and give an extra edge to your Google Pixel Smartphone.

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