ALOGIC 100% Behind Recycled Packaging Initiative with Elements Series Cables

ALOGIC 100% Behind Recycled Packaging Initiative with Elements Series Cables

Along with consumers and government, the consumer electronics industry is instrumental in the vitalisation of sustainable packaging efforts.

2022 heralds a new chapter for ALOGIC in its commitment to sustainability. Our next-generation Elements Series cables are now available. They are our first to feature 100% recyclable packaging.

Eco-conscious consumers will find the green sustainability icon – with the white leaves – in the bottom right corner of our product boxes. When you see it, it’s assurance that all materials in our packaging are recyclable.

In 2022, climate change is one of the key policy issues that will decide elections around the globe, including Australia’s imminent federal election. It’s therefore a good time to reiterate that industry, government, and consumers all have their part to play in sustainable packaging efforts.

The Elements Series signals the beginning of ALOGIC’s commitment to producing 100% recyclable packaging.

There are more announcements on the horizon.

But the following blog highlights why we’re focused on supporting the wider electronics industry’s push to keep packaging materials out of landfill.

 Sustainable Packaging for Consumer Electronics

In 2020, Trivium Packaging research found almost 75% of consumers are amenable to paying more for sustainable packaging.

Businesses are acting too, thanks largely to growing consumer awareness of e-waste and regulatory pressures globally.

Research from global management consulting firm Kearney highlights that 30% of the total global volume of plastic use globally is packaging.

As of April 2022, the UK is imposing a new tax on businesses that manufacture or import plastic packaging in or into the UK. If the plastic doesn’t contain at least 30% recycled plastic, they will incur costs.

According to Kearney, packaging sits in the top five concerns about sustainability amongst all major FMCG groups.

Almost 60% of food and beverage companies report they are addressing packaging issues that impact the sustainability of their products.

In the consumer electronics industry, Microsoft has committed to rolling out 100% recycled and recyclable packaging by 2030. And Apple’s sustainability measures include the usage of wood fibre for its retail packaging.

The Sustainable Packaging Story of the Elements Series Cables

Hundreds of thousands of ALOGIC’s cables are installed in professional environments.

The second-gen Elements Series range is crafted from reliable materials that are resilient to all types of wear and tear.

The cables are strengthened with a flexible fabric braiding, and thermoplastic (TPE) housing for maximum strain relief.

ALOGIC developed the cables to be affordable, long-living, and convenient for homes and workplaces that need efficient and productive multimedia spaces.

Whether you're an enterprise, a home office professional, or a family with busy connectivity needs, the Elements Series' range – including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA cables – helps enhance the way you connect, power, and display your devices.


The Elements packaging includes recyclable art paper and corrugated paper.

The boxes, the hanging hooks, and the paper sleeve that holds the cables inside the boxes [to prevent the boxes from stretching or deteriorating] are all recyclable cardboard and paper.

The Elements packaging also features tear-along perforations. Once users have removed cables from the box, they can make easy tears along the box’s panel edges to ensure they can lay the boxes flat in their recycling bins.

The Time For 100% Recyclable Packaging

Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets aim to make 100% of packaging – made, used and sold in Australia – reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.

Global management consultancy McKinsey and Company highlights that regulators around the world approach the minimisation and management of packaging waste in a variety of ways of varying impacts.

Outside of Australia, the United States is introducing bills to cut back single-use-packaging waste and increase recycling.

India is pushing for more awareness campaigns and collection points.

The European Union, meanwhile, is implementing a ban on some single-use plastics.

Several more bills are pending approval over the next few years.

As the Australasian Recycling Label’s Consumer Insights Report 2021 also highlights, consumers want to get behind businesses using recycled materials in their packaging.

ALOGIC is expected to sell large volumes of its Elements Series cables in the coming year. Once the cables are unboxed, all of the packages can reincarnate into new eco-friendly lives.

Recycling Your Elements Cables Packages

Recycling Elements Cables packaging is a simple process.

Once you remove your cables from your box – and no longer need the packaging – simply tear the eco-friendly panels on the box, and lay your Elements Series cable packaging flat in your recycling container.

As the Elements Series shows, one of the best ways to engage consumers to be active recyclers is to create innovative users experiences that are practical and simple.

Recyclable Packaging Facts

  • Recycled cardboard only takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard
  • Recycled cardboard retains its durability and resistance
  • It’s estimated one tonne of recycled paper saves more than 25,000 litres of water and 2.5 barrels of oil

Find out more about the Elements Range today.

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