Hotdesking with the new ALOGIC Twin HD and HD Pro

Hotdesking with the new ALOGIC Twin HD and HD Pro _1

Hotdesking with the new ALOGIC Twin HD and HD Pro


Hotdesking has become the newest trend for a lot of offices and organizations, with the benefits of reducing costs and increasing productivity, it is sure to continue for many years to come.

What is Hot Desking?

In some offices, there are various positions reserved for people who work from home, work in sales, or are available for temporary positions in the company. Allocating a new desktop and a different connection can sometimes be tedious and costly, not to mention it’s highly redundant, as these people are not available in the offices on a regular basis. They are equipped with their individual laptops to work on.

In order to increase their productivity and efficiency, when they are available at offices this concept comes to be extremely handy. Hotdesking is introduced as an office space strategy where employees do not have designated seating. Here, the organization asks multiple users to share the workspace, which is usually on the first come first serve basis. Hot desking eliminates inefficient empty desks and unused equipment.

In short, it consists of various employees using the same workstation during different time periods.

ALOGIC offers two devices which can work very effectively for Hot Desking:

  1. ALOGIC Universal Twin HD Docking Station with USB-A & USB-C Compatibility
  2. ALOGIC Universal Twin HD Pro Docking Station with 85W Power Delivery, USB-A & USB-C Compatibility
Both the ALOGIC Universal Twin HD and the HD Pro Docking system can be used as a single connection to connect your laptop with multiple devices like printer, scanner, keyboard, etc.

These Docking systems support dual screen display with full HD monitors via its HDMI ports, additionally it comes with a universal hybrid cable which provides USB-C & USB-A peripherals thus being able to connect the dock stations with both older and new version of laptops and also equally compatible with Windows and Mac laptops, it also provides Wired Ethernet Network connection port and Mic & Speakers with support of CTIA and OMTP. The Dock Station also has Lock Slots to ensure security over shared network.

The ALOGIC Twin HD Pro additionally provides Power Delivery Technology, which allows the upstream charging of USB-C enabled laptops or other devices up to 85W, to charge the USB-A enabled laptops, an additional purchase of the ALOGIC USB-C Data and Power Splitter would be required.

If you want to look for a further upgraded version, check for ALOGIC Universal Twin HD Pro Docking System, it provides the same output as compared to the Universal Twin HD Docking system, apart from that it also uses the latest power technology that allows the upstream charging of your USB-C enabled laptop or devices with up to 85W of power.

As per your requirement at work, you can choose between the ALOGIC Universal Twin HD or Twin HD Pro Docking Station, the devices are reliable and provides security. They also come along with a warranty of 2 years as an added benefit.

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