What is USB-C and why should you care?

What is USB-C and why should you care?

USB-C, formally known as USB Type-C products have rapidly gained prominence in the tech community becoming the new industry standard for next generation devices, due to its significant benefits. Backed by market-leading manufacturers such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, USB-C has quickly become the new norm, gradually replacing previous USB types such as USB-A and USB-B connectors.

Mountains of defunct cables in landfills across the world prompted this much needed movement. In order to create a more environmentally sustainable and tech-friendly future, tech companies across the world accepted the new regulation that called for a standard connector.

Unlike its predecessor, USB-C connectors are significantly smaller, which means that USB-C enabled devices have the ability to be lighter and thinner. Designed to be user friendly, USB-C connectors feature a reversible cable head, so it will work regardless of the orientation you use to plug it in.

In comparison to traditional connectors, USB-C outputs have a more powerful and rapid transfer rate with the ability to power almost any compatible device, from laptops to 4K high-resolution monitors. A USB-C cable can perform various functions including charging your devices, connect to external monitors, provide wired internet connection, dock your laptop and more; eliminating the need for additional proprietary cables or power cords.

USB-C isn’t a trend, it’s the new standard. Major tech companies have displayed their support and willingness to adopt USB-C connectors therefore, all devices will soon be connected, powered and charged by USB-C cables.

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