Clarity Fold Stand

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Creativity Is Just A Fold Away

Clarity Fold Stand transforms your Clarity Pro Touch* into an ergonomic, ultra-high-definition tablet for sketching out your latest idea, marking up a document or making music. When it’s time to answer some emails or watch a video, it folds back up into a traditional display in seconds. *Clarity Pro Touch monitor sold separately.

Create In Complete Comfort

Clarity Fold Stand can securely hold your monitor raised at an angle like a drafting board, or almost-flat against the table to suit your creative style.

Share Your Work With 360° Rotation

Clarity Fold Stand’s unique base can rotate 360° degrees, making it easy to position in your workstation or show your screen to colleague.

Switch From Table To Traditional Display In Seconds
Stand Base Rotates 360°
  • Part No.: ACFS
  • Physical Specifications: Base Width: 280mm, Base Length: 275mm Monitor sits 460mm tall, 9cm above table in upright position Monitor extends 120mm forward from base in fold position.
  • VESA Mount: 100 x 100mm
  • Compatible With: 27” Clarity Pro Touch (27C4KPDWT)
  • Package Includes: 1x Clarity Fold Stand

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Luise Grice
Does it swivel vertically?

I am seriously considering this monitor to compliment my iMac (monitor).
I would love if this stand could tilt vertically - it would save me having to screw and unscrew the other stand to the monitor every time, no?

Also, I'm told they will work together using a USBc cable. To all users out there, is this right?

Many thanks.
Luise G
Teacher TAFE NSW Australia

Andrew M.
Fold stand does just that

The 32" 4k touch monitor ships with its standard stand, but for working with the stylus on photos and graphics, or when standing then this stand makes some ergonomic sense. Hinge is perfect for the screen and seems to hold a good stable position. Inevitably it has a large desk footprint to keep it stable which place the screen closer than I expected to the middle of the desk I use. Ideally I would like greater vertical choice for upright working so may well end up swapping stands more often than I expected - I am experience neck strain since changing and this has put me back to feeling like I am working with a laptop/desktop hybrid

Eloi Painchaud
So far so good

Solid and flexible!

Spencer Corke
Clarity fold stand

Bought to go with my clarity 27” pro touch 4k monitor, works perfectly, great range of movement, exactly what I was looking for when I paint/design my 3d printed items

DJ DoubleEdge
Super Clean Look

I’ve been remodeling my Home Studio for the past 6 months and there’s nothing more cleaner or elegant then my 3rd monitor (27” Dell) which is being displayed on my new Clarity Fold Stand. The ability to turn 360 as well as fold down is Super Clean and makes my studio look more Professional

Takahashi Satoshi

Clarity Fold Stand

Xavier Taillebois
Clarity Pro Touch de très bon écrans

De très bon écrans, cependant cela nécessite, pour 3 Clarity Pro Touch un ordinateur avec beaucoup de ressources. Un MacBook Pro 16" est à peine suffisant. Mac Studio survitaminé est nécessaire pour bénéficier pleinement des fonctionnalités des écrans et du touch via usb-c

great concept … if you have the 27” monitor

i use this daily. I love the concept. but I have the 32” monitor. it is bigger than than the 27” and floats only a little above the table surface in normal mode. not very ergonomic. The 32” is also heavy and it seems the loaded spring is not capable of holding the weight of the monitor.

J Oakley
Did everything wrong but would still recommend!

I don’t know if there were supposed to be instructions but my box had none. There are two main parts and I ended up connecting the base backwards until I realized it would not support the monitor properly. Also there is a black tie that holds it together so it doesn’t spring up and hit you- directions with a warning on how to open that would have been nice and saved me literal skin. Then the back you need to unscrew and screw screws directly into the back of the monitor - which made me nervous as I had already injured myself, put it on backwards and now armed with screws that may or may not have been going in the right place. Thankfully support chat was helpful and assured me I had that at least right. Now with the monitor attached- I really like this stand! Would definitely recommend it if you plan to write/draw on the monitor but hate that I lost the ability to use it in vertical orientation. Had it had directions it would have been 4.5. Were I able to use it in vertical orientation too it would be an easy 5 without even the directions.

Good stand with some issues

Although I appreciate how it moves the monitor from up right position to a studio/art design angle, the transition requires some delicate muscle power to shift it. Was a bit wary when I first opened the box to find that the stand was spring loaded in an upright position. Thankfully customer service told me that once the monitor is placed on it, the tension will keep it in position of your choice.