How to use Qi phones with Matrix

How to use Qi phones with Matrix

With magnetic charging, Matrix makes charging your Qi-compatible Samsung, Google or Android phone easier than ever.

Tired of iPhone users having all the fun? Us too.

That’s why we’ve designed our latest range of wireless chargers, Matrix, to provide a seamless, all-day, tap-on/tap-off charging experience for Android users, not just MagSafe iPhones.

At ALOGIC, we love MagSafe-style magnetic charging.

It’s so easy – no fussing around with cords, no clipping your phone into a mount, no time wasted trying to remember exactly where on the wireless charger your phone chargers fastest.

Magnetic charging also lets ability to connect your phone to the charger at any angle you want – meaning you don’t have to choose between a stand that’s better for vertical or horizontal video anymore.  

This versatility allowed us to design Matrix, a series of chargers for different moments in your day, all with the same, intuitive user-experience. Whether you’re in the car, on a walk, at home or in the office, all you need to do is snap on, snap off.

It’s all thanks to our brand-new Magnetic Support Ring, similar to ones you’ve seen in mobile phone accessory stores, but with a significantly stronger magnet to ensure your devices sit securely on the mount – even on a bumpy trip over rough roads.

The ring is available in black and white, with the ring’s colour matching the Matrix charger you purchase, letting you find the perfect match – or contrast – for your Samsung, Google or Android phone.

But how does it actually work? How can you attach the ring to make your Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or iPhone 8-11 MagSafe-compatible?   

How to attach your magnetic ring to your Qi-compatible phone

1. Check that your phone is compatible with Qi wireless charging before attaching the ring. You can find this information on the manufacturer’s website.

We're going to upgrade this Qi-compatible Google Pixel 4 with MagSafe-style charging.

2. Clean the rear surface of your phone or case – the smoother it is, the better the ring will adhere.

Note: if attaching the ring to your phone’s case, ensure the case is no thicker than 4mm and contains no metal components, as they can overheat during charging.

If your phone is too thin to align the ruler notches with the edges, fold them down and align with the front of the phone.

3. Position the included alignment tool over the back of the phone. Centre it by ensuring the edge of the phone rests on the same mark on both side arms.

Our measurements help you install the ring in the optimal charging position.

4. Adjust the alignment tool up or down to match the distance listed for your device in the Quick Start Guide.

5. Remove the plastic film from the back of the ring and press it onto the back of your phone through the hole in the alignment tool.

6. Remove the alignment tool and press down evenly on the ring for 30 seconds to ensure it won't come off. 

The Google Pixel 4 can now be mounted on Matrix chargers, like this 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand.

Congratulations – your Qi-compatible device or phone case is now ready to use with Matrix and other MagSafe-compatible products. 

Click here to find out more about Matrix, the world's first modular ecosystem of magnetic wireless that works with MagSafe and Qi-compatible devices. With a charger for every step of your day, Matrix makes it easy to charge your way, no matter what surprises the day throws at you.

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