Smart webcams and a touchscreen expand our range of Clarity 4K monitors

Smart webcams and a touchscreen expand our range of Clarity 4K monitors

We’re introducing two new 4K monitors to our best-selling Clarity range: Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch.

Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch introduce exciting new features to our 27” 4K Clarity monitor: Clarity Pro features a smart, 8MP (4K) webcam that automatically slides out of the monitor when you join a video call, while Clarity Pro Touch features this innovative webcam and a precision 10-point touchscreen.

Additionally, our original studio-grade monitor has returned to stock and orders should begin arriving shortly.

Click here to find out more about Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch.

Clarity Pro’s Smart New Webcam

Clarity Pro 4K Monitor Smart Webcam

In addition to the original Clarity’s studio-grade 4K display, Clarity Pro features an integrated smart webcam sure to impress friends, family and clients.

Our new 8MP (4K) webcam has one really smart feature – it slides in and out of the monitor’s chassis automatically when you start or finish a video call.

This not only helps to keep webcam’s lens nice and clean for a crisp picture, it’s the ultimate privacy feature, making it crystal-clear whether your camera is on or not. 

Clarity Pro 4K Monitor Smart Webcam Teams

Mounted on the top of your monitor, Clarity Pro’s webcam captures you at a much more flattering angle than an inbuilt laptop camera – they do have a nasty habit of looking up your nose.

If you take advantage of Clarity’s flexible stand improve your ergonomic or multi-monitor setup, you can quickly dial back into your favourite webcam angle via an adjustment dial on the back.

These features combine into a superior webcam that ensures you’re always looking your best, but only when you choose to. 

Clarity Pro Touch’s Precision Touchscreen

Clarity Pro Touch 4K Touchscreen

In addition to all the features of the original Clarity, and Clarity Pro’s new webcam, Clarity Pro Touch features a precision, 10-point touchscreen, unique in the world of 4K desktop-sized displays.

With 10-point multitouch* you can use all the intuitive touch gestures you’re used to from your phone, tablet or touchpad.

With support for capacitive styluses, the touch screen is suited to precise input as well as more natural navigation through creative programs. Adjust the levels in Lightroom, brainstorm ideas in meetings or discover new sounds in a DAW like Pro Tools or Ableton Live.

Clarity Pro Touch 4K Touch Monitor Ableton Live DAW

With Clarity Pro Touch’s precision 10-point, OGS touchscreen, you can get hands on with your digital art like never before.

*Touch support varies by application and operating system. macOS has limited support for multi-touch gestures.

Underpinned by our studio-grade 27” 4K display

Clarity 4K Monitor

Of course, both Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch enjoy all the same great features of the original Clarity: a studio-grade 27” 4K edge-to-edge glossy display with incredible colour reproduction.

This QD-backlit, IPS panel is bright, has an anti-glare coating and supports HDR. It ships with all the industry-standard colour profiles you’ll need to work with confidence and has a rear mini-hub which lets you connect to fast passthrough charging for your laptop and additional USB ports with just a single cable.

Unlike other monitors in this category, Clarity monitors include a flexible stand which makes it easy to integrate into an ergonomic or multi-monitor setup, as well as an automatic rotation sensor that makes it easy to switch from portrait to landscape when the job requires it.

Clarity 4K Monitor USB Hub 65W Charging

However, there has been one small compromise – the original Clarity monitor offers 90W of passthrough charging for connected laptops. Clarity Pro and Pro Touch only offer 65W, as 25W of power are reserved for the webcam.

Click here to find out more about the great features of our original Clarity monitor.

Clarity Pro and Pro Touch available now. Click here to find out more about how to your hands on these unique new additions to our best-selling range of Clarity 4K UHD Monitors.

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