Knowledge Base

  1. Does the DX2 require any additional software installation? - DUPRDX2-WW, DUPRDX2-100 The DX2 uses the DisplayLink chipset and requires the DisplayLink software to be installed on the connected laptops. DisplayLink software is free to download via -  
  2. Does the DX2 support MacBooks, Windows & Chromebook laptops? - DUPRDX2-WW, DUPRDX2-100 The DX2 can support MacBooks (even M1 MacBooks), Windows & Chromebook laptops. The USB-C cable that comes with the DX2 also has a USB-A adapter so this dock can be used on older generation laptops.
  3. What sort of Video cables are compatible with the DX2 dock? - DUPRDX2-WW, DUPRDX2-100 The DX2 has two DisplayPort output connections for connected display monitors. We recommend using direct DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables from the dock to the monitor where possible. IF the monitor only accepts HDMI connections, we recommend using an 'Active' DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (Part ...
  4. What are the requirements to achieve 4K displays with the DX2 dock? - DUPRDX-WW, DUPRDX-100 To achieve 4K displays, the DX2 will need to be connected to a 4K monitor and have adequate display cables rated for 4K resolutions. Using the USB-C connection will provide better display options compared to the older USB-A connection.
  5. How does the power delivery feature work with the DX2 dock? - DUPRDX2-WW, DUPRDX2-100 The Power Delivery feature will only work when the host laptop is connected via the USB-C connection (not the USB-A adapter). The host laptop needs to ensure that their USB-C port supports power delivery.
  6. I have Thunderbolt 3 & or 4 ports on my laptop – will this be compatible with the DX2 dock? - DUPRDX2-WW, DUPRDX2-100 Thunderbolt 3 & 4 ports use the same connector as USB-C. Hence, the DX2 is compatible with laptops that have Thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports however it won't be able to achieve Thunderbolt data transfer rates.
  7. What laptops are compatible with the DV3? - DUCDDV3 The DV3 is compatible with Windows, MacBooks (even M1 MacBooks) and Chromebooks.
  8. Does the DV3 require any additional software installation? - DUCDDV3 The DV3 is a DisplayLink enabled dock, we recommend installing the DisplayLink software which is free to download via:
  9. Do I require a power adapter to use this dock? - DUCDDV3 The DV3 is a compact docking station which doesn’t come with a power adapter. You can still use the dock even without the power adapter. Connecting an external power adapter (up to 100W) via the PD port will allow for laptop charging when using this dock.
  10. I have an external power adapter connected to the DV3 but the laptop charging function is not working? - DUCDDV3 To ensure that the laptop charging feature is working, the end user must have: - An external USB-C power adapter connecting via the PD port on the DV3 - The Host laptop must be using the USB-C connector cable  - The Host laptop must have a USB-C port that supports power delivery